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Miyakojima has many caves as this island was formed by the uplift of Coral limestone.


Over millions of years, acidic groundwater or underground rivers dissolve away the limestone, leaving cavities which grow over time.


The bottom of the caves, there are usually spring water.


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Many of the caves are surrounded by trees, and it is not easy to find them.


You will be surprised by finding caves in the middle of the settlement.

But there is a reason of it.


People need water to live.
As Miyakojima doesn’t have surface water, people needed to live where there’s spring water nearby.


Therefore, the old villages of Miyakojima are scattered and it is interesting to know that each has a different culture and customs.


There is a sacred place near the spring water, and there are festivals to pray to the god of water.


People don’t use spring water for drinking now, but some area still use it for purifying newborn baby or the dead.


The freshwater fish and shrimp may live in the spring water.


The places where the caves sank below the surface of the water due to crustal movement became a popular diving points now.


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