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Adventure in mangrove forest


Hello Miyakojima Fan!


Miyakojima is an island formed by the uplift of Coral limestone.

Therefore, there are no mountains or big rivers.


There may be an image of mangrove forests spreading in the estuary of a tropical country.


Mangrove is a general term for plants or shrubs that live in brackish water, which is a mixture of freshwater and seawater.

So, isn’t there a mangrove on Miyakojima, which has no river?


No, actually Miyakojima also has mangroves because of the abundant groundwater.


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The ecology of mangroves is very unique.


The crabs, shellfish and fish that live around the mangrove forest are also very unique.


At low tide, many crabs appear and we can see them feeding, courting, and sometimes fighting.


At high tide, you may see a school of small fish and larger fish chasing it.
Sometimes we see them jumping.


You may also see crabs that are good at swimming move quickly.


The nutrient-rich environment allows you to experience the food chain with many creatures.


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If you want to take a closer look at the mangroves and learn more about the ecology, please take a eco-tour guided by KOKO.

A group-chartered English Eco-Tour in Miyakojima

English Eco-Tour

Experienced interpreter will introduce you the history and the culture of Miyakojima, by visiting historical sites, caves, and mangrove area.
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(We will not enter the sea with this program.)

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KOKO (EnglishGuide)

This article is written by KOKO, an experienced and well-trained ecotourism coordinator. After worked at U.S. securities firm, obtained diving and kayak instructor license. Had worked as an intern of eco-tour guide in Australia, and worked as an nature guide in Palau. ......... English tour guided by KOKO : A Full Day Eco-Tour [ Click HERE for detail ]