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Jugoya, the way of celebrating full moon


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October 1st, 2020 was “Jugoya”, which is full moon  taking place on the 15th day of August under lunar calendar.

The way of celebrating the full moon is different depending on the area of Japan.

The best known is to offer “Tsukimi Dango” dumplings and “Susuki” pampas grass and wish for a good harvest.

In Okinawa area, we offer steamed rice cake flour sprinkling black azuki beans on it.


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It is called Fukyagi in Miyakojima.

The black azuki beans are boiled in salt and unexpectedly not sweet.

I like traditional Fukyagi, but my son prefers sweetened Fukyagi.

On Miyakojima, various events are held on the 15th night depending on the area.


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There are places where tug of war, portable shrines, lantern festivals, and lion dances are performed.

They are held to pray for a good harvest and a large catch.


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In the center of Miyakojima, children wear handmade lions and go around the houses, shouting “Shisha gaugau, prosperous business” while dispelling evil spirits.

At homes and shops visited by children, they distribute coins or sweets to them.

It’s like a Halloween trick or treat!

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